The Zeus is a handheld/plug-n-play game manufactured by Lexibook Limited. The unit feautres 20 built-in 16-bit games made by JungleTac.

Games Built-InEdit

  1. Deep Storm
  2. Pinball Fish
  3. Jewel Fever 2
  4. Tiger Rescue
  5. The Lost World
  6. Pool Pro
  7. Dream Bubble
  8. Busy Bong
  9. Magic Jelly
  10. Plumber
  11. Mr. Onion
  12. Bubble Blaster
  13. Zook The Resources(?)
  14. Final Escape
  15. Make Way
  16. Lucky Out
  17. Caddie
  18. Get the Meet
  19. Super Move Quest
  20. Find the Way

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