TV Board Games are a series of plug-n-play video games by Mammoth Toys released in 2007.

TV Board Games 1

They each contain six classic board games and are licensed by Hasbro.


The round controllers has three games inside them. The square controllers have six.

Version 1:

  • Simon
  • Battleship

    TV Board Games 2

  • Mouse Trap
  • Checkers
  • Link-A-Like
  • Roll Over

Version 2:

  • Boggle
  • Candy Land
  • Monopoly
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Match 'em
Version 3:

TV Board Games 3

  • Connect 4
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Silly 6 Pins
  • Mixin' Match
  • Mixin' Pics
  • Roll Over

The three other games that come on the controllers are not by Hasbro.

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