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Spider-Man is a Plug It In & Play TV Game released by Jakks Pacific in 2004. The controller has five built-in
games, one of them being a plaform game.

The vMigo Virtual Superhero handheld has the same graphics and gameplay when played on the Docking Station.

Built-In GamesEdit

  • Streets Of The City

The main game, where Spider-Man has to collect money bags and defeat enimes like Rhino Man.

  • Spider Training

Spidey has to shoot web at the bad guys, but not the good guys, or you lose a life

  • Venom's Vindication

Spidey shoots web at the bombs Vemon throws down

  • Escape From The Sewers

Spidey has to make his way through a sewer and disable the bombs.

  • Vulture's Venture

Spidey is hanging on a construction beam and has to shoot web at the missiles the protect him.

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