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the 2-player version

EA Sports 95' is a plug & play TV game released by Jakks Pacific in 2004. It is a Sega Genesis-style game with two EA Sports games for the Sega Genesis in it.

It uses a watch battery to save high scores.

There's also a 2-player version (Pictured).

Built In GamesEdit

  1. Madden NFL 95'
  2. NHL 95'
  3. winx club revenge of the trix\
  4. clarence saves the day [ hack of all grown up express yourself ]
  5. uncle grandpa reckless roadtrip
  6. adventure time ice king did you steal our garbage
  7. teen titans go! [ hack of final fantasy ]
  8.  mouse hero
  9. counting the hundreds
  10. uncle grandpa belly bag bonaza [ jungletac version ]
  11. invader zim
  12. darkwing duck 2 [ jungletac version ]
  13. bingo!
  14. jenga boom
  15. cartoon network maths time!
  16. memory pair [ jungletac version ]
  17. wild ball [ jungletac version ]
  18. chelsea and sumo [ clarence series hack of the clone binary and land ]
  19. billy's bucket list
  20. climb up the castle!
  21. monster catch
  22. roaring battles

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