Disney Princess plug-n-play TV joystick was a Jakks TV Game released in 2005 by Jakks Pacific.

The unit is also GameKey ready, a GameKey was released for this TV game.


The Disney Princess Game

It is a board game, you play as either Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, or Ariel in the game. The goal is to get the most coins as possible. There's nine minigames to play during the game for coins.


  1. Balloon Bounce
  2. Bubble Machine
  3. Decorate The Castle
  4. Design A Necklace
  5. Memory Pairs
  6. Choose A Chest
  7. Music Mimic
  8. Princess Party
  9. Coins And Wishes


The Gamekey is themed around Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, contains two games:

  1. Rescue Race
  2. Memory Chase

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