Cars 2 is a Plug It In & Play Racing Video Game based off the movie released by Jakks Pacific in 2011. The steering wheel controller has a key on/off switch, drift buttons, and horn button.

The unit was discontiuned in late November.

The GameEdit

The racing game contains fourteen levels (not including the tutorial) with boss battles.

  1. Tokyo - Tutorial
  2. Tokyo - Downtown
  3. Tokyo - Countryside
  4. Tokyo - Freeway
  5. Tokyo - Trouble
  6. Tokyo - Runway Escape
  7. Porta Corso - Harbor
  8. Porta Corso - Town
  9. Porta Corso - Coastline
  10. Porta Corso - Chase
  11. London - Park
  12. London - Main Street
  13. London - City
  14. London - Dash For Mater
  15. London - Professor Z Pursuit

External LinkEdit

Cars 2 on Jakks Pacific's TV Games website

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