Cars 2 is a Plug It In & Play Racing Video Game based on the Disney/Pixar movie released by Jakks Pacific in 2011. The steering wheel controller has a key on/off switch, drift buttons, and horn button.


The racing game contains fifteen levels (including the tutorial) with boss battles.

  1. Tokyo - Tutorial
  2. Tokyo - Downtown
  3. Tokyo - Countryside
  4. Tokyo - Freeway
  5. Tokyo - Trouble
  6. Tokyo - Runway Escape
  7. Porta Corso - Harbor
  8. Porta Corso - Town
  9. Porta Corso - Coastline
  10. Porta Corso - Chase
  11. London - Park
  12. London - Main Street
  13. London - City
  14. London - Dash For Mater
  15. London - Professor Z Pursuit

Trivia Edit

  • The box states that there are "18 Fun Games Built Inside" however, there are only 15 and are part of the only main game.

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